Places to Visit in Germany

The artistic landscape of Germany prides in being the birthplace of the pioneers such as theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, revolutionary socialist Karl Marx, Catholic priest Martin Luther, writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and composer Ludwig van Beethoven. With fairy tale destinations such as Marksburg Castle, Hohenzollern Castle, Cologne Cathedral, Heidelberg Castle, Marksburg Castle, and lovely Burg Eltz (that reminds of the story of Rapunzel), Germany offers cornucopia choices to a travel freak. The Brandenburg Gate located in Berlin is one of the prominent landmarks of Germany. Well-laid verdant Herrenhausen Gardens, adorned with the fountains are one of the most evocative destinations. The classical city of Weimar is famous for its deep-rooted heritage and instilled hospitality. Some of the prime tourist attractions in Germany include Holstentor, Hambach Castle, Bremen Roland, Aachen Cathedral, Alte Oper, Hofbrauhaus, Englischer Garten (English Garden), and Viktualienmarkt.