Places to Visit in Jordan

As the safest and the friendliest Arab country in the Middle East (Western Asia), Jordan is a land of amalgamated choices for tourists and vacationers. Make your family trip enjoyable by a private tour to Mount Nebo, Montreal, and the Dead Sea. The Gulf of Aqaba (Jordan’s marine playground) surrounded by the lofty desert mountains gives you the opportunity to explore the scenic beauty and indulge in various attractive expeditions.

Do not miss a mesmerizing trip to Madaba, a historical city of significant mosaics of the Byzantine and Ummayadera. A visit to the ancient ruins of Jerash (Gerasa) and Umm Qais (Gadara), and the remarkable Islamic castle at Ajloun will make your trip memorable. The archeological site of Little Petra encompasses the remnants of the Nabataean society. The Monastery (the largest rock-cut frontier of Petra) is situated atop a flight of 800 stairs- all cut from rock. . Walk through the subterranean stone-vaulted halls of the Karak Fort and unlock the mysteries surrounding the ex-occupants of the fort.

The Royal Cultural Centre is the place for those who are keen to explore more about the culture of Jordan. The country houses some of the finest museums in the world. The notable ones are the Jordan Archaeological Museum, Jordan Folklore Museum, Numismatics Museum, Central Bank of Jordan, and Jordanian Museum of Popular Traditions.

Restaurants in Madaba and the King’s Highway offer the best buffet of non-vegetarian food, such as baked lamb or chicken, along with fresh hummus, and Jordanian salads. Savor the Fresh and aromatic Turkish coffee and toasted sandwiches at the exclusive coffee shops and bars in the city of Madaba.

Adventure and sports lovers can indulge in various exciting activities like riding on the vivacious Arab horses and camel trekking on the roads of Wadi Rum. Make a day trip cruising and boating around the Gulf of Aqaba, and or enjoying water sports like snorkeling. The thermal springs of Hammamat mae’n with their therapeutic value draw many visitors.

As Jordan is surrounded by unsafe neighboring countries like Iran and Iraq, it is suggested to check the visitor advisory before planning to visit Jordan.