Places to Visit in Malaysia

If you have never heard of a land that comprises an amalgamation of various religions, a celebration of a variety of cultures, tall buildings, and beautiful palaces that would awe you just as much as its friendly population, then you have to visit Malaysia. The country that is divided into two geographical regions by the South China Sea. Malaysia is bordered by Thailand, Indonesia, Borneo, Brunei and South China Sea.

Things to do

Step in the elevator to reach the top of the world’s tallest Petronas Twin Towers within 41 seconds. Malaysia is a place of never-ending fun. When you visit Malaysia, you cannot just afford to miss the best theme parks such as the Genting Highlands, Lost World of Tambun, Legoland Theme Park, and Sunway Lagoon. These are ideal for you to spend time with your family, especially when you have kids coming along. If you are in search of some bliss, then visit Cameron Highlands that portray the typical charm of an English garden.


Bukit Bintang is a district exclusively reserved for shopping and entertainment. The Batu Caves make you plunge into antiquity. The Aquaria KLCC is home to innumerable species that would certainly capture all your attention. Also, Kuching, being one of the largest cities, is a highly attractive tourist spot. The Taman Negara National Park is one of the best parks in Malaysia. It is home to some of the exotic flora and fauna species. You cannot just miss getting lost in the beauty of Malaysia.


A trip to Malaysia not only means great places to visit, but also good places to stay. You surely would not want to spoil your holidays by staying at an inconvenient place. One of the resorts where you can accommodate yourself for the best times is A´Famosa resort. Here, comfort, peace and luxury are complimentary.


You must never miss the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival, the most popular festival with a variety of exotic dishes by international chefs. The Kuala Lumpur International Tattoo Festival is one which happens annually, enabling tourists all over the country to witness the specialty of Malaysian patriotism and culture.