Places to Visit in Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most premier tourist destinations in the whole world. It is popularly referred to as a tropical paradise and it is the most accessible island in the Indian Ocean. As soon as you step inside the fascinating country of Mauritius, you are bound to remember the famous comments of Mark Twain in which he says that God created Mauritius and then Heaven. Mauritius is comprised of two islands and the bigger one is known as Mauritius. The capital city of Port Louis is situated here. The other island is Rodrigues which is located at a distance of 500 km from the bigger island.

Travelers from all over the world are keen on making Mauritius their next dream destination and want to spend some idyllic time with their friends and family.

Mauritius offers loads of exciting activities to entertain the visitors and the months from December to March will be perfectly suitable to enjoy the numerous outdoor activities and explore the numerous attractions of Mauritius. Though there is the option of arriving in Mauritius by cruise ships, but the most popular option is to fly down directly to Mauritius