Places to Visit in Norway

If you wish to experience nature in its pure, serene and raw form, there is no other place, but Norway. It is one of the most beautiful countries on planet earth, which deserves to be explored once in a lifetime. Norway features a wealth of natural beauty including a large concentration of remarkable Fjords and Glaciers.

If you ever had an ardent dream of experiencing the world famous Fjords, formed out of years of successive ice, water, and rock formations, then Norway is the best place to visit. Nærøyfjord is a lovely deep blue Fjord that has marked its impression by getting nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Geirangerfjord is another UNESCO-protected Fjord, which is bound by imposing snow-covered mountains and waterfalls along with greenery all around. Nordfjords is a beautiful Fjord that extends from the Jostedalsbreen Glacier to Stadhavet Ocean. Among other popular Fjords include Hardangerfjord, Lysefjord, Romsdalsfjord and Sognefjord, which is the longest and deepest fjord in Norway.

Besides, Norway also offers many other interesting attractions such as museums, galleries, and religious sites. The Heddal Stave Church is Norway’s largest and the most gorgeous church which dates back to 1242. This ancient church has gone through several restorations, but has maintained its charm of the old world. Nasjonalgalleriet is the national gallery of Norway located in Oslo and is popular for its huge collection of Norwegian art.

Bjørnøya or the Bear Island is a paradise for bird watchers. You can enjoy ship cruise and discover the peculiar rock formation in Norway called Torghatten. Besides, Norway boasts of many beautiful villages and towns which you cannot miss, such as Roros and Geiranger among others. Hardangervidda, a vast mountain plateau in Norway, is popular for the Hardangervidda National Park, which is the largest one in the country.

There is an unending list of attractions of Norway that will go on and on indicating that you need enough days in hand to explore the complete beauty of the country.