Places to Visit in Romania

Romania is a country prosperous in history, nature, arts, and environmental magnificence. It offers innumerable tour experiences to the visitors. The churches and monasteries such as Agapia Monastery, Bistrita Monastery, and Horezu Monastery, with an imposing architectural style are located in the heart of the countryside. Museums play a major role in preserving the precious objects of Romanians. Communist lconography Museum, George Enescu Museum, National Art Museum, National History Museum, National Military Museum, and National Geological Museum are some of the famous museums in Romania which enable the tourists to spend their valuable time.

Nature parks in Romania cover wide-ranging portions of geographical interest and are an exhibit of natural splendor. The Bucegi Park gives a perfect view of the natural rock formations such as the Babel and the Sphinx. The Comana, Apuseni, and Vanatori Neamt are other known nature parks in Romania.

Arcul de Triumf, a triumphal arch located in Bucharest of Romania, is a must-see spot for the visitors. The travelers must make a visit to Brancusi’s Endless Column, an edifice in honor of the Romanian soldiers of the First World War. The biggest rock statue in Europe engraved into the mountain rock representing Decebalus, the most recent king of Dacia, is situated close to Orsova town.

The Romanian Athenaeum Hall is a familiar sight of the capital city and delights the visitors with wonderful music concerts. Romania is also famous for stunning caves such as the Lespezilor cave, the Alunului cave, the Meziad Cave, the Munticelu Cave, and the Polovragi Cave. Tourists love to undertake guided tours of these caves.

Some of the famous Dracula spots in Romania are Old Princely Court in Bucharest, Snagov Monastery, the village of Arefu, Brasov city, and Bran Castle. There are several agencies that conduct special tours of notorious Dracula spots both for overseas voyagers as well as for domestic visitors. Feel a chill running through your spine while walking through these eerie spots.

Romania is famed for its appetizing food and drinks. La Castel, Irish Hub, Chevalet, and Graf are the popular international hotels that serve excellent food to the international traveler.