Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its wonderfully eclectic cities, each offering a study in contrast and harmony. From Alpine resorts to cultural festivals, from film festivals to theme parades, from gleaming offices of the UN and other international agencies to old mansions, the cities of Switzerland offer you an experience as diverse as the many kinds of Swiss chocolates and cheese!

Bern, the capital, is famous for its large shopping malls and arcades. The city has been designated a Cultural Heritage Site by the UNESCO, and Old Berne is a perfect exemplar of the old world charm and bustling noveau establishments that exemplify the diversity of the cities of Switzerland.

Basel is the cultural center of Switzerland, the venue of the major art and culture fairs held in the country (see fairs and events in Switzerland). The culture of Basel has been influenced by neighboring France and Germany, but the end product is as uniquely Swiss as the Basel Holiday Fair.

Locarno is famous as the venue of the International Film Festival, while Geneva is known for its cosmopolitan culture and international agencies that are housed in the offices in downtown Geneva. From the UN to the Red Cross, Geneva is the hub of major humanitarian organizations.

Zurich is the quiet city full of interesting sights to see, and the picturesque Lake adds to the charm of this city. Lucerne is known for its art festivals, and the Reuss River flows quietly through this city of many charms. Interlaken, in the lake district of Switzerland, is famed for its winter resorts and the many skiing and other facilities available here for adventure sports enthusiasts.

-St. Moritz