Places to Visit in Tanzania

Tanzania stands out as a really thrilling country, full of opportunities for adventure- seekers, such as  safaris, diving, and hiking. Blessed with mountains, forest, water bodies and an enviable fauna, Tanzania, in  East Africa, is a showcase of stunning sceneries, beaches, national parks, and islands in the Indian Ocean.


Safari in Tanzania is an unusual experience where you get a choice of camping safaris, semi-luxury safaris, and luxury safaris. The wildlife zone offers some excellent wildlife views. The beaches and islands here are very clear, clean, and dazzling.

Things to do

Tanzania, being the land of wilderness, boasts of several national parks, such as the Serengeti National Park, Mt Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanga Coelacanth Marine Park, Gombe National Park, Tarangire National Park, and Mahale Mountains National Park. If you are very keen to know about the historical places of Tanzania, head towards Bagamoyo Town, Livingstone’s Tembe, Kaole Ruins, Mtoni Palace, Toten Island, and Old Fort.
Tourists who are interested in adventure activities can get into One Ocean – The Zanzibar Dive Center, Tanga Yacht Club – Water Sports, and Gangilonga Rock – Hiking and Trekking, Maziwe Marine Reserve. Local residents and travelers are always greeted to join the entertainment spots like O’Willie’s Irish Whiskey Tavern, Mbalamwezi Beach Club, Club La Liga, Masai Camp, and Kigamboni Community Center.


There are some nice stores in Tanzania that provide the tourists with many shopping opportunities. The Makutano Center, Wonder Workshop, Shanga, Mwenge Carvers Market, Moto Handicrafts, Tingatinga Center, and Msasani Slipway Weekend Craft Market are the popular places to purchase art and craft items.