Fast Facts

  • Location: Northern coast of South America.
  • Capital: Caracas.
  • Currency: Bolivar Fuerte (VEF).
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Best time to Visit: January through April. For Angel Falls, it is May through November.
  • Time Zone: UTC — 4.5.
  • Calling Code: +58
  • Major Airports: Simón Bolí­var International Airport (CCS).

One word that describes Venezuela best is “awesome”. In spite of being small in area, Venezuela outshines the awesomeness of other big South American countries like Brazil and Argentina when it comes to charming hilly terrains and beautiful landscapes. The enchanting must see places in Venezuela testify the uniqueness of the country as far as natural and architectural wonders are concerned. In fact, the endless shorelines, the rugged green terrains and the inimitable must see places in Venezuela make the country like a neverland from a fairy tale. Officially known as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, it is a South American country, located on the northern coast of the continent. Bordered by Guyana to the east, Colombia to the west and Brazil to the south, Venezuela is made up of several islands situated off the Venezuelan coastline in the Caribbean Sea.

It is actually the strange blend of the invigorating city life, the serene mountains and the vacuous sea coasts that make the country all the more enchanting. For instance, a visit to Gran Roque, an Archipelago island in Venezuela will be one of your best experiences ever. The azure seawater and the green trees by the side of the yellow beach make it a must see place in Venezuela. The tiny cottages amidst the green verdure create a perfect environment for a romantic holiday. A short walk to the outskirts of the town will bring you to the 1870s lighthouse that gives a panoramic view of the entire surrounding. After you have revived from your trance caused by the magnificent pulchritude of the island, it is time for some heart-pumping excitement. Travel to the Canaima National Park, which is one of the most renowned forest reserves in the world. Other than enjoying the green exterior of the forest, you can also go for an exciting trek or mountaineering in the deepest abyss of the forest. Here you can explore new worlds situated amidst the darkness of the woods. The rare fragrance of the forest plants and the wildness of the animals are worth watching. What makes the park a must see place in Venezuela is the presence of the Angel Falls. The vastness of the national park that covers 3 million hectares and the countryside ambiance of the Canaima town make it one of the top tourist destinations of Venezuela. Other than this, you can also travel to the La Gren Sabana, a high plateau region along with widespread savannas.

If you wish to peep into the culture and history of the country, then a short visit to the Caracas town is the perfect place. The town that was founded in the year 1567, is marked with various museums, historical sites, and parks. The buoyant nightlife and the plush malls, hotels, and markets in the city are actually must see places in Venezuela. A visit to Merida, a mountainous region towards the Andes will make your journey completely unforgettable. The most amazing sightseeing of this place is the Teleferico, which is the world’s highest and longest cable car that runs at an altitude of 4765 in Pico Espejo. Some of the other tourist places in the country include Ciudad Bolivar, Island Margarita, Cuidad Guayana, Santa Elena de Uairen, etc.

Due to its proximity to the equator, the temperature of Venezuela rarely varies throughout the year. However, the temperatures of the glaciers and highlands remain quite low with an average yearly temperature of 8°C. The winter (June through October) is the time for rain. The summer is drier and a bit hotter.


Air: Simón Bolí­var International Airport (CCS), also known as Maiquetia International Airport is the largest airport in Venezuela, located at Caracas. You can also come down to Arturo Michelena International Airport (VLN) at Valencia. Flights are available from various cities in the US and Europe.

Bus: Buses are a popular mode of transportation as there is no rail network in Venezuela. You can reach almost all the cities within the country by bus.

List of must see places in Venezuela

  • Gran Roque
  • Canaima National Park
  • La Gren Sabana
  • Caracas town
  • Merida
  • Teleferico
  • Ciudad Bolivar
  • Islade Margarita
  • Cuidad Guayana
  • Santa Elena de Uairen

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